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Bon large trash bin

Codice: G514

Bon large trash bin

Designed by Gibillero Design

Innovative Cylindrical Design The Bob trash can features a unique cylindrical shape, designed for modern urban environments. Its internal structure is made from galvanized steel with a thickness of 15/10, ensuring durability and longevity. The base is equipped with drainage holes for rainwater, preventing water accumulation and maintaining cleanliness. Easy Waste Disposal The Bob trash can includes an upper ring with a circular opening, facilitating easy waste disposal. The external panels, crafted from 20/10 thick galvanized steel, showcase a distinctive oblique cut that adds an aesthetic touch to the design. This combination of functionality and style makes the Bob trash can an excellent addition to any public space. Secure Installation For added stability, the Bob trash can has holes at the base for secure ground anchoring using anchor bolts and expansion plugs. This ensures the trash can remains firmly in place, even in high-traffic areas. Customizable Finishes The standard finish for the Bob trash can includes two colors: "Pure White RAL 9010" for the outer shell and "Mouse Grey RAL 7005" for the inner structure and upper ring. However, customization options are available, allowing you to choose from a range of RAL colors to best suit your urban environment. Request Your Custom Quote Today Enhance your public spaces with the Bob trash can. For more details and to request a custom quote, visit our website or contact us today. Get Your Custom Quote Now and Upgrade Your Urban Waste Management with the Bob Trash Can!


tech-image-Bon large trash bin

Galvanized Steel

Mouse gray RAL 7005

Phure White RAL 9010

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