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Large trash bin Tower

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Large trash bin Tower

The Tower waste bin is designed for efficient collection of urban mixed waste. Its structure features a cylindrical zinc-coated steel body with distinctive rectangular decorative perforations. The top part of the waste bin is hinged and made of zinc-coated steel, with a central circular hole for waste disposal. The lid is opened with a unique key system for added security. The inner container is removable and equipped with a handle for easy extraction. The bottom of the waste bin is made of zinc-coated steel sheet with holes for anchoring to the ground using screws and expansion plugs. The base finish includes two colors: gunmetal for the body and lid, and bright aluminum for the inner container. However, customers can request a customized finish, choosing from the RAL colors available on our website. The zinc-coated steel structure is painted with thermosetting powders and baked for increased durability. For further details, we invite you to download the complete product datasheet. Contact us now to request a personalized quote and discover how the Tower waste bin can enhance waste management efficiency in your urban area.


  • Height: 93,0 cm
  • Length: 55,0 cm
  • Witdh: 55,0 cm

tech-image-Large trash bin Tower

Galvanized Steel

Briliant aluminium

Gun metal grey

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