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Large Trash Bin Liberty

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Large Trash Bin Liberty

The Liberty Waste Bin is an excellent choice for the collection of urban undifferentiated waste. Characterized by a sturdy and functional structure, the Liberty model features a cylindrical-shaped body composed of thirty-five slats in galvanized steel round tube, with an upper part bordered by a ring also in galvanized steel round tube. The lid, of the openable type and made of dark gray fiberglass, is connected to the basket via a hinge that allows easy opening. A tab located on the front part of the lid facilitates gripping and lifting, ensuring easy waste management. The total closure of the lid ensures high protection of the waste inside, with the bag being securely locked for increased safety. The bottom of the trash can is made of galvanized steel sheet with holes for the discharge of rainwater, while a ring in round tube welded to the base distances the trash can from direct contact with the ground. The base finish of the Liberty Waste Bin is in "gunmetal" color, but we offer customization options, with a wide range of RAL colors available on our website. The painting technique adopted for the galvanized steel structure is thermosetting powder coating with oven baking, ensuring a durable finish over time. For further information on technical specifications and to request a customized quote, we invite you to download the detailed technical datasheet of our product or contact us directly. We will be happy to provide assistance in choosing the solution that best suits your needs. Contact us today for a customized quote and discover how the Liberty Waste Bin can optimize waste management in your urban area!


  • Height: 95,0 cm
  • Length: 51,0 cm
  • Witdh: 51,0 cm

tech-image-Large Trash Bin Liberty

Galvanized Steel

Gun metal grey

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