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Bicycle Stands Flat

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Bicycle Stands Flat

The Flat bike rack is the ideal solution for safe and organized bicycle parking. Made of carved and shaped zinc-plated steel sheet, this rack offers a combination of robustness and appealing design. The structure consists of two horizontal beams in zinc-plated rectangular steel tube, equipped with end caps for added safety. The raised feet prevent direct contact of the structure with the ground, protecting both bicycles and the underlying terrain. The beams are prepared with holes for anchoring to the ground, ensuring stability and durability over time. The bike holding supports, shaped like an arc and welded to the beams, are also made of zinc-plated steel sheet. They feature a central notch that allows you to insert and lock the bike wheel, while the stylized notches on the adjacent supports allow you to insert and secure the chain. The basic finish in traffic white gives a clean and modern look to the bike rack, but you can customize the finish by choosing from the colors available in the RAL catalog on our website. The painting technique used for the zinc-plated steel structure ensures effective protection against corrosion and weathering, ensuring durability even in outdoor environments. For more information or to request a personalized quote, we invite you to contact us through our website.


  • Height: 26,0 cm
  • Length: 175,0 cm
  • Witdh: 99,0 cm

tech-image-Bicycle Stands Flat

Galvanized Steel

Traffic white RAL 9016

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