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Spiro bike rack

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Spiro bike rack

Discover the Spiro Bike Rack, a bicycle rack solution made of galvanized steel for urban furnishing. This model is designed to provide safe and convenient bicycle parking. The Spiro Bike Rack consists of two high-quality CLS concrete supports, smooth and treated with a special anti-degradation protective liquid. The horizontal connecting crossbars are made of galvanized steel tube, complete with support feet for optimal stability. The helical bike stop element allows parking from both sides, offering maximum versatility to users. The Spiro bike rack is supplied in assembly kits with stainless steel screws and detailed assembly instructions. The base finish for the metal parts features the "gunmetal" color, but customers can request a customized finish from the available RAL colors on our website. Constructed with galvanized steel and treated with thermosetting powder coating, the Spiro Bike Rack offers durability and long-lasting performance. For further technical details, download the complete datasheet from our website. Interested in the Spiro Bike Rack for your parking space? Contact us today to request a personalized quote and discover how this bicycle rack solution can enhance your urban area.


  • Height: 50,0 cm
  • Length: 250,0 cm
  • Witdh: 78,0 cm

tech-image-Spiro bike rack

White smooth concrete

Galvanized Steel

Gun metal grey

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