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Bean bike stand

Codice: G513

Bean bike stand

Designed by Gibillero Design

Curved and Functional Design The Bean bike rack stands out for its unique curved shape, designed to offer maximum functionality and security. Made with a shaped bracket in galvanized steel round tube, this bike rack is equipped with base plates for secure ground anchoring. With mounting holes at the base, the Bean bike rack ensures exceptional stability using anchor bolts and expansion plugs. Strength and Durability Constructed from galvanized steel, the Bean bike rack not only offers a modern design but also a robust structure that withstands harsh weather conditions. This makes it ideal for installation in urban and public areas, where a durable and reliable product is necessary. Finish and Customization The proposed finish in the images is "Signal Yellow RAL 1003," a vibrant color that enhances the bike rack's visibility, thereby improving user safety. However, you can request a different finish from the available RAL colors on our website to perfectly match the desired urban context. Request a Custom Quote Discover how the Bean bike rack can enhance the organization and safety of your urban areas. For more details and to request a custom quote, we invite you to visit our website. Contact Us Today for a Quote and Enhance Your City with the Bean Bike Rack!


  • Height: 53,0 cm
  • Length: 100,0 cm

tech-image-Bean bike stand

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