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Tresette bike rack

Codice: G496

Tresette bike rack

Designed by Gibillero Design

Unique and Functional Design The Tresette bike rack stands out for its distinctive shape, characterized by shaped triangular supports made of galvanized steel flat iron. This unique design not only offers an appealing aesthetic but also ensures an efficient solution for bicycle parking. High-Quality and Durable Materials Crafted with high-quality materials, the Tresette bike rack ensures strength and durability over time. The triangular supports and the crossbeam are made of sturdy galvanized steel, providing protection against corrosion and long-lasting performance. Easy Installation and Security The Tresette bike rack is designed for easy installation. The triangular supports are positioned and anchored sequentially on a sturdy crossbeam made of galvanized steel round tube, equipped with plates with holes for anchoring to the ground. This ensures a stable and secure bike storage solution. Suitable for Various Settings Thanks to its versatile design and durable materials, the Tresette bike rack is suitable for various settings such as parks, squares, residential, and commercial areas. It's the ideal solution for promoting bicycle use and improving sustainable mobility in urban areas. Request a Customized Quote Want to learn more about the Tresette bike rack and how it can enhance your urban spaces? Contact us today to request a customized quote and discover the perfect solution for your needs. Request a Quote Now and Optimize Bicycle Parking with the Tresette Bike Rack!


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