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Bicycle Stands Elix Display

Codice: 236-D

Bicycle Stands Elix Display

The Bike Rack Elix Display is the ideal solution for urban furniture, offering a functional and durable design for bicycle parking. Made of zinc-coated steel, the structure consists of two support posts in round tube, complete with spherical PVC end caps and connection plates for the signboard on the top. The connecting crossbar in round tube is equipped with support feet to ensure stability. The bike stop element, with its helical shape, is made of oval-section tube and allows parking from both sides, with wheel stops shaped like "U" in zinc-coated steel round tube for added safety. The signboard, integrated into the structure, consists of a perimeter frame in zinc-coated steel box section with connection plates for anchoring to the support posts. The double-sided advertising panel in zinc-coated steel sheet is applied inside the box profile, providing space for advertising and useful information. The bike rack is fixed by extending the support posts into the ground. The product is supplied in a complete assembly kit with screws and instruction manual. The base finish, in "gunmetal" color, gives a sober and elegant look, but the customer has the option to customize the finish by choosing from the RAL colors available on our website. The powder coating technique used for the zinc-coated steel structure ensures long-lasting protection against weather elements. For further details, we invite you to download the detailed technical datasheet directly from our website. To optimize bicycle parking space in your urban area, contact us today to request a personalized quote for the Bike Rack Elix Display. Invest in practical and durable solutions for urban furniture and ensure a pleasant experience for cyclists


  • Height: 198,0 cm
  • Length: 121,0 cm
  • Witdh: 78,0 cm

tech-image-Bicycle Stands Elix Display

Galvanized Steel

Gun metal grey

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