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Diapason litter bin tris model

Codice: G508

Diapason litter bin tris model

Designed by Gibillero Design

Innovative Design for Efficient Waste Collection The Tris Diapason basket stands out for its unique design, featuring three separate baskets, each with a distinct shaped support made of galvanized oval steel profile. These supports are connected to each other through a shaped base plate, laser-cut with holes for ground anchoring. Each basket is cylindrical, made of galvanized sheet metal, equipped with an upper ring complete with hinges and a special lock for opening and removing the inner container. Durable and Customizable Finish The Tris Diapason basket's metal parts come in a range of colors including "Grey Top RAL 7005" for the base plate and basket casing, "Traffic Red RAL 3020," "Zinc Yellow RAL 1018," and "Traffic Blue RAL 5017" for the support and ring. However, customers have the option to choose a different finish from the available RAL colors on our website. The galvanized steel structure is coated with thermosetting powders and oven-baked for enhanced durability. Request a Detailed Product Specification For more information on the Tris Diapason basket, download the detailed product specification sheet from our website. Discover how this innovative waste management solution can meet your specific needs and enhance your urban spaces. Request a Quote Now and Optimize Waste Management with the Tris Diapason Basket!


tech-image-Diapason litter bin tris model

Galvanized Steel

Zinc yellow RAL 1018

Traffic blue RAL 5017

Traffic red RAL 3020

Mouse gray RAL 7005

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