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Clean Dog Kit

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Clean Dog Kit

The Clean Dog Kit is the ideal answer for hygienically managing canine waste. This disposable hygiene shovel offers practicality and ease of use, ensuring immaculate cleanliness in any situation. The Clean Dog Kit's disposable hygiene shovel is designed to maximize convenience during the collection of canine waste. Its pocket-sized dimensions make it perfect to carry anywhere, while assembly is extremely straightforward. Made with high-quality materials, the shovel comprises an outer structure that converts into a collector, a scraping tool for waste collection, and a biodegradable dark polyethylene bag compliant with UNI7315 standards for urban solid waste collection. The kit comes folded, complete with instructions for immediate and hassle-free use. If you aim to ensure hygienic and practical management of canine waste, request a quote for the Clean Dog Kit now. Ensure immaculate cleanliness in every urban environment and make solid waste collection a quick and effortless operation. Contact us today for more information.


  • Length: 12,0 cm
  • Witdh: 7,0 cm

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