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Stanley bollard

Codice: G478

Stanley bollard

Designed by Gibillero Design

Durable and Stylish Design The Stanley bollard is a robust metal barrier designed to define public areas with confidence. Crafted with curved outer casings made of galvanized steel, this bollard features an upper disk connected to side profiles, providing both durability and style. Anchored for Stability Anchored to the ground through its extended subterranean section, the Stanley bollard ensures stability and security in any environment. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for demarcating pedestrian zones, parking lots, and other public spaces. Customizable Finishes Choose from a variety of finishes to match your aesthetic preferences. The base finish includes "anthracite gray RAL 7016" for the outer casings, while the upper disk and side profiles come in the refreshing "may green RAL 6017." Get a Personalized Quote Today Enhance the safety and visual appeal of your public areas with the Stanley bollard. Contact us now to request a customized quote and discover how this product can meet your specific needs. Request a Quote Now and Define Your Spaces with Confidence!


tech-image-Stanley bollard

Galvanized Steel

Anthracite gray RAL 7016

May green RAL 6017

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