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Icaro Bollard

Codice: 227

Icaro Bollard

Discover the Dissuasore Icaro, a sturdy metal column designed to demarcate public areas effectively. Crafted from galvanized steel tubing, this column features an ornamental top frieze, adding aesthetic appeal while serving its functional purpose. The Dissuasore Icaro boasts a robust construction, ensuring durability and longevity in outdoor environments. Its decorative top frieze enhances its visual presence, making it an ideal choice for urban landscape design projects. The decorative base flange covers the anchoring hole, providing a seamless appearance. Ready to enhance your public spaces with the Dissuasore Icaro? Contact us today to request a custom quote. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality urban furniture solutions tailored to your specific needs.


  • Height: 100,0 cm
  • Length: 17,0 cm
  • Witdh: 17,0 cm

tech-image-Icaro Bollard

Galvanized Steel

Gun metal grey

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