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Tatou bike stand

Codice: G494

Tatou bike stand

Designed by Gibillero Design

Unique and Functional Design for Your Bicycles The Tatou bike rack stands out with its distinctive arched shape, offering an elegant and functional design for any urban space. High-Quality and Durable Materials Made from galvanized steel sheet, the Tatou bike rack is built to last. The shaped bracket is crafted through high-definition plasma cutting, ensuring precision and durability. Additionally, the bracket features base holes for easy and secure ground anchoring. Ideal Solution for Public and Private Spaces With its robust structure and modern design, the Tatou bike rack is perfect for installation in parks, streets, squares, and private areas. It’s a practical and reliable solution to keep bicycles secure, contributing to the order and cleanliness of urban spaces. Customize Your Bike Rack The Tatou bike rack can be customized in various colors, allowing you to choose the finish that best fits your context. Visit our website to explore all available customization options and select your preferred RAL color. Request a Personalized Quote Find out how the Tatou bike rack can enhance your urban spaces. Contact us today to request a personalized quote and discover the perfect solution for your needs. Request a Quote Now and Enhance Your Spaces with the Tatou Bike Rack!


  • Number of seats: 1

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