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Bicycle stands Pireo Display 5 seats

Codice: 308-D

Bicycle stands Pireo Display 5 seats

The Portabici Pireo Display is a five-seat bike rack solution for urban furnishing, an ideal model for advertising displays. The structure is made with CLS cement supports and galvanized steel tubes. The structure includes two CLS cement supports of first choice, smooth and treated with a special anti-degradation protective liquid. These are anchored with two horizontal connecting tubes in rectangular tubing and equipped with support feet. The five bike stop brackets, shaped like arches in oval-section galvanized steel tubing, are welded to the connecting tubes. The double-sided table consists of an upper arched frame in galvanized steel round tubing, with table connecting plates. A perimeter frame in galvanized steel box and a display panel are applied inside. The frame is anchored to the outer frame with connecting plates welded on the short sides. The Portabici Pireo Display with five seats is supplied in an assembly kit with stainless steel screws and assembly instructions. The cement supports are also equipped with plates with holes for anchoring to the ground using screws and expansion plugs. The base finish for this product is "gunmetal gray". However, customers can request a different finish, choosing from the RAL colors available on our website. The painting technique adopted for the galvanized steel structure is thermosetting powders with oven curing. For all the details, we invite customers to download the detailed technical data sheet directly from our website. To enhance the urban area with a functional and aesthetically pleasing bike support, contact us today to request a custom quote for the Portabici Pireo Display with five seats. Invest in practical and durable solutions for urban furnishing and ensure an organized and attractive environment. Contact us now!


  • Height: 230,0 cm
  • Length: 226,0 cm
  • Witdh: 78,0 cm

tech-image-Bicycle stands Pireo Display 5 seats

Galvanized Steel

Gun metal grey

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