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Bicycle Stands Ciclo Park

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Bicycle Stands Ciclo Park

The Cycle Park Bike Rack is a bicycle rack system with a cover, ideal for urban furniture. Its structure includes a dual-sided canopy for bicycle protection, composed of two sturdy support structures. The vertical support structures and upper arches are made of galvanized steel tubing, complete with PVC end caps for increased weather resistance. Each structure is equipped with a zinc-plated sheet metal base for optimal stability. The opaque cellular polycarbonate cover provides protection from the elements, while integrated gutters allow for rainwater drainage. The bike rack can accommodate up to fourteen bicycles, with zinc-plated bike clamp brackets for secure parking from both sides. Fixing to the ground is done through plinths or cement base, ensuring stability and safety. The standard finish for metal parts is "bright aluminum," but you can request a custom finish by choosing from available RAL colors. The adopted painting technique ensures long-lasting protection against corrosion. For further details and to request a personalized quote, we invite you to download the detailed technical datasheet from our website. Optimize urban space with the Cycle Park Bike Rack and promote sustainable mobility.


  • Height: 292,0 cm
  • Length: 361,0 cm
  • Witdh: 282,0 cm

tech-image-Bicycle Stands Ciclo Park

Stainless Steel

Mat polycarbonate honeycomb

Briliant aluminium

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