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Baby snake seat

Codice: D833

Baby snake seat

Designed by Dimcar Design Department

Sturdy and Safe Structure Discover the Baby Snake bench, crafted with safety and durability in mind. The structure is constructed from galvanized steel square tubulars, ensuring stability and strength for years to come. Innovative Design for Safety The bench features two interconnected monoblocks, each with two feet. Every foot is equipped with a zinc-coated sheet metal base plate with a ground anchoring hole, ensuring secure installation in any outdoor environment. Child-Friendly Features With rounded edges and carefully designed openings, the Baby Snake bench prioritizes safety. Parents can rest assured knowing that there are no sharp edges or finger-trapping hazards, making it ideal for playgrounds and public spaces frequented by children. Enhance Outdoor Spaces with Style and Safety Add a touch of modern design and safety to your outdoor spaces with the Baby Snake bench. Its sleek and child-friendly design makes it perfect for parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas. Request a Custom Quote Transform your outdoor space with the Baby Snake bench. Contact us today for a custom quote and bring safety and style to your environment. Contact Us Now for a Custom Quote and Elevate Your Outdoor Space with the Baby Snake Bench!


tech-image-Baby snake seat

Galvanized Steel

Blue opaque light RAL 5012

Phure White RAL 9010

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