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Seat Quadrio

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Seat Quadrio
Seat Quadrio
Seat Quadrio

The Quadrio Bench is an essential element of urban furniture, characterized by a modern and functional design. Crafted with high-quality materials, this Quadrio model bench combines the elegance of steel with the warm naturalness of wood. The bench supports are made of three shapes in galvanized sheet metal, each with a decorative square central recess. This arrangement creates a unique perspective visual effect, adding a stylish touch to urban spaces. Each support is equipped with holes at the base for anchoring to the ground, ensuring stability and safety. The seat is constructed with four slats of Nordic pine wood, known for its natural strength and rustic beauty. The two outer slats feature rounded corners, offering optimal comfort to users. The slats are equipped with holes for attachment to the supports, ensuring a sturdy and durable structure. The bench is supplied in assembly kits with stainless steel screws and assembly instructions, making installation quick and easy. The base finish, available in "bright aluminum" color, gives the bench an elegant light gray metallic effect for the two support uprights. We also offer the option to customize the finish by choosing from the RAL colors available on our website, to adapt the bench to the surrounding environment. The painting technique used for the galvanized steel structure employs thermosetting powders with oven curing, ensuring a resilient and long-lasting finish. For further technical details, we invite you to download the detailed technical datasheet available on our website. The bench slats are pressure-treated in an autoclave with a fluid saline concentrate, offering preventive protection against insect attacks, fungi, and decay. Subjected to a cycle of colored impregnating and a final coat of glossy finish, the slats are particularly suitable for outdoor use, ensuring optimal performance over time. For a superior-quality urban bench with captivating design, request a quote for the Quadrio Bench today.


  • Height: 47,0 cm
  • Length: 190,0 cm
  • Witdh: 40,0 cm
  • Number of seats: 4

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Galvanized Steel

Wooden planks

Briliant aluminium

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