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PopUp display case cm140x200h

Codice: G541

PopUp display case cm140x200h

Designed by Gibillero Design

The PopUp Ground Billboard, measuring 140x200 cm, is a distinctive piece of urban furniture designed to catch attention and provide information effectively. Structural Features This ground billboard boasts a unique design, featuring a galvanized flat iron perimeter frame with rounded corners and a decorative "comma" positioned at the base (front and back). The bulletin board frame (double-sided) is made of galvanized steel box section with a central dividing panel. It includes two hinged doors made of galvanized steel profiles and a universal key lock for security. Functional Illumination Equipped with an internal lighting system comprising two horizontally positioned illuminating units (top and bottom), the PopUp Ground Billboard ensures visibility even in low-light conditions. The automatic power cut-off feature activates upon opening the doors, ensuring energy efficiency. Durable Construction The reading face of the bulletin board is made of durable and UV-protected transparent compact polycarbonate, suitable for outdoor use. Affixing notices is convenient with the use of magnets. Customizable Finish Available in various color options, including "traffic red" RAL 3020, "traffic green" RAL 6024, and "silver gray" RAL 7001, the PopUp Ground Billboard can be customized to suit specific aesthetic preferences. Request a Custom Quote For inquiries about installing the PopUp Ground Billboard or to request further details, please contact us. Enhance visibility and communication in urban spaces with the PopUp Ground Billboard.


  • Height: 235,0 cm
  • Length: 165,0 cm
  • Witdh: 10,0 cm

tech-image-PopUp display case cm140x200h

Galvanized Steel

Compact transparent polycarbonate

Traffic red RAL 3020

Silver gray RAL 7001

Traffic green RAL 6024

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