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Gotico Notice Board

Codice: 196

Gotico Notice Board

The Gothic billboard is ideal for public postings, made of galvanized steel for durability and strength. The structure features a perimeter frame in galvanized steel box section, housing the posting panel made of galvanized sheet metal. Four galvanized sheet metal connection plates welded to the long sides of the frame ensure solidity and stability. The support uprights are made of galvanized steel round tubing adorned with decorative cast iron spheres on the top, while the horizontal crossbars feature a plaque for the municipality's name. Distinctive Gothic elements such as cast iron terminal and intermediate pieces provide a unique touch to the design, complemented by decorative flanges at the base. Anchoring is done by extending the uprights into the ground, ensuring optimal stability. The billboard comes in the base finish "gunmetal," but you can request a different finish from the available RAL colors. The galvanized steel structure is coated with thermosetting powders and oven-baked for long-lasting resistance. Enhance public spaces with the Gothic billboard for postings. Contact us now to request a personalized quote and discover how this solution can enhance urban furnishings in your city.


  • Height: 284,0 cm
  • Length: 137,0 cm
  • Witdh: 17,0 cm

tech-image-Gotico Notice Board

Galvanized Steel

Gun metal grey

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