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Borad PopUp floor standing double sided cm100x140h

Codice: G539

Borad PopUp floor standing double sided cm100x140h
Borad PopUp floor standing double sided cm100x140h

Designed by Gibillero Design

Unique Design and Advanced Functionality The PopUp dual-face ground bulletin board cm100x140h stands out for its unique and functional design. The structure consists of a perimeter frame in galvanized flat iron with rounded corners, while the base features an IPE beam profile decorated with a characteristic "comma" on both the front and back sides. This dual-face bulletin board is ideal for outdoor use due to its robustness and protection against weather elements. Solid and Secure Structure The bulletin board frame is made of galvanized steel with a central divider panel. It is equipped with two book-opening doors, also made of galvanized steel, with a universal key lock to ensure the security of the displayed information. The reading facade is made of transparent compact polycarbonate, shatterproof, and UV-protected, perfect for withstanding external conditions. Lighting and Ease of Use The inside of the bulletin board is illuminated by two lighting fixtures positioned horizontally at the top and bottom. The lighting system has an automatic mechanism that cuts off power when the doors are opened. The bulletin board is wired with standard-compliant cabling and features a power cable that exits at the base, ready to be connected to the public power grid. Postings are facilitated by the use of magnets. Installation and Customization The PopUp bulletin board is equipped with holes at the base for anchoring to the ground using threaded dowels anchored to a cement foundation. It is available in different colors: "Zinc Yellow RAL 1018" and/or "Anthracite Gray RAL 7016" for the perimeter frame, and "Silver Gray RAL 7001" for the bulletin board frame and doors. Request Your Custom Quote Bring a touch of modernity and functionality to your space with the PopUp dual-face bulletin board. For more details and to request a custom quote, visit our website or contact us today. Request Your Custom Quote Now and Enhance Communication in Your Public Spaces with the PopUp Bulletin Board!


tech-image-Borad PopUp floor standing double sided cm100x140h

Galvanized Steel

Compact transparent polycarbonate

Anthracite gray RAL 7016

Silver gray RAL 7001

Zinc yellow RAL 1018

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