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Large Trash Bin Liberty maxi

Codice: 293-bis

Large Trash Bin Liberty maxi
Large Trash Bin Liberty maxi
Large Trash Bin Liberty maxi

The Liberty Maxi model is a robust waste bin designed for urban waste collection, featuring a cylindrical shape. Its structure comprises a cylindrical body made of forty-four slats of zinc-coated steel round tubes, with the top portion bordered by a double oval-sectioned zinc-coated steel ring. The bin lid, shaped for easy opening, is constructed of fiberglass with reinforcement ribs, connected to the body via a hinge for effortless opening. A tab facilitates lid grip and lifting. The fully closing lid ensures optimal waste protection. Additionally, the lid includes three plates indicating the types of waste it can accommodate. The inner container, made of galvanized steel sheet, is divided into three compartments for sorting different types of waste, and it includes a bag holder ring with a knob for easy bag removal. The base consists of a galvanized steel sheet bottom with drainage holes for rainwater and anchoring holes for securing it to the ground. Waste disposal is simple, requiring the direct removal of the bag after lifting the bag holder ring. The standard finish for this product is "RAL 7016 anthracite grey" for the structure and "RAL 7005 mouse grey" for the inner container. However, customers can request a different finish from the range of RAL colors available on our website. The zinc-coated steel structure is finished with thermosetting powder coating, ensuring durability. For further details, please download the detailed product datasheet. Contact us now for a quote and upgrade your urban waste management with the Liberty Maxi waste bin.


  • Height: 98,0 cm
  • Length: 67,0 cm
  • Witdh: 67,0 cm

tech-image-Large Trash Bin Liberty maxi

Galvanized Steel

Mouse gray RAL 7005

Ruby red RAL 3003

Traffic blue RAL 5017

Gun metal grey

Zinc yellow RAL 1018

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