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Shelter Acaya with sides walls

Codice: 231-bis

Shelter Acaya with sides walls

The Acaya Canopy with side walls is a versatile option for bus stops, easily identifiable on MEPA. Built in compliance with the Certificato_ISO_1090-1-2009_Dimcar_, this metal structure has been mandatory since July 1, 2014. The clear clarification note from the Superior Council of Public Works accompanies this solution. The structure consists of two sturdy vertical uprights, with upper arches in laser-cut zinc-coated sheet metal. Ellipsoidal base plates are welded to provide stability, while the connection between the uprights is ensured by a galvanized steel frame. The side and rear walls are made of transparent polycarbonate, ensuring effective protection against weather elements. The Acaya Canopy offers customization options, including a wide range of RAL colors to suit any environment. The base finish "gunmetal" offers an elegant dark gray metallic chromia. Powder coating ensures long-lasting resistance over time. For further technical details and customizations, download the complete datasheet. Contact us today for a personalized quotation on the Acaya Canopy with side walls and discover how to enhance the appearance and functionality of your bus stops!


  • Height: 245,0 cm
  • Length: 319,0 cm
  • Witdh: 204,0 cm

tech-image-Shelter Acaya with sides walls

Galvanized Steel

Transparent polycarbonate honeycomb

Gun metal grey

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