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Ashtray Fumy

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Ashtray Fumy

The Posacenere Fumy is a classic and refined element for urban furnishing. Designed for vertical wall installation, this ashtray offers an elegant and functional design for cigarette butt disposal. Crafted with a zinc-coated steel sheet box, the ashtray features a top plate with alternate holes and cuts specifically designed for inserting cigarette butts. The container is equipped with an anti-cut lateral border and is hinged to the structure, allowing easy access for emptying. The flip-open design of the container is facilitated by a unique combination lock located on the front. This lock, when disengaged, causes the container to tilt forward, allowing for the removal of cigarette butts without direct contact with the waste. The base finish of the ashtray includes the use of two colors: gunmetal for the structure and wall-mounted parts, and bright aluminum for the container. However, it is possible to customize the finish by choosing from the colors available in the RAL catalog on our website. The technique of thermosetting powder coating with oven curing ensures a durable finish over time. For further details and to request a personalized quote, we invite you to download the complete product data sheet.


  • Height: 30,0 cm
  • Length: 22,0 cm
  • Witdh: 11,0 cm

tech-image-Ashtray Fumy

Galvanized Steel

Briliant aluminium

Gun metal grey

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