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Colly bench

Codice: D875

Colly bench

Discover the Colly Bench: Modern Design and Sturdy Construction for Urban Beautification Elevate the aesthetic appeal of urban environments with the Colly Bench, a stylish addition designed to blend seamlessly into modern cityscapes. Contemporary Design and Robust Structure The Colly Bench features a sleek metal structure, comprised of two laser-cut, galvanized steel supports. Each support is equipped with ground anchoring holes for added stability. The seat and backrest panels boast an anatomical shape, crafted from zinc-coated sheet metal with intricately designed decorative cutouts, harmonizing with the supports. The seat and backrest panels are also outfitted with holes for easy attachment to the supports. Customizable Finishes for Personalization This bench comes with a base finish in "Pure White Matte RAL 9010" for the supports and "Matte Lemon Yellow RAL 1012" for the seat and backrest. However, customers have the flexibility to request a different finish from the range of RAL colors available on our website, allowing for personalized customization to suit their specific urban design preferences. Contact us now to request a personalized quote and elevate the appeal of your urban space with the Colly Bench!


  • Height: 80,0 cm
  • Length: 150,0 cm
  • Witdh: 63,0 cm
  • Number of seats: 3

tech-image-Colly bench

Galvanized Steel

Phure White RAL 9010

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