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Vo model totem dispenser

Codice: D843

Vo model totem dispenser

Designed by Dimcar Design Department

Introduction to Totem Dispenser Vò The Vò model totem dispenser is designed to provide hygiene and protection in times of COVID-19. It features a manual sanitizing dispenser, compartments for gloves and masks, and a lower waste bin for proper disposal. Key Features The Vò dispenser totem boasts a stylized and modern design, offering a complete solution for hygiene needs in public or commercial settings. Its steel structure ensures robustness and durability. It includes an upper panel for fixing the sanitizer dispenser, a lower compartment for distributing gloves and masks (not included), and a lower compartment for waste collection. Access to each compartment is secured by a lock to ensure the safety of the items contained. Technical Specifications and Finish The totem is self-supporting and does not require ground fixtures, providing installation flexibility. The base finish of the product is pure white RAL 9010, offering a clean and professional appearance. The zinc-coated steel structure is protected by powder-coated thermo-hardening, ensuring resistance to corrosion and weathering. For further details and technical information, please download the complete technical data sheet.


  • Height: 152,0 cm
  • Length: 40,0 cm
  • Witdh: 50,0 cm

tech-image-Vo model totem dispenser

Galvanized Steel

Phure White RAL 9010

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