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Notice board cm 100x200h

Codice: 105

Notice board cm 100x200h

The 100x200h Billboard is a practical and sturdy solution for electoral equipment, perfect for posting electoral posters. With useful measurements of 100x200h cm, it provides ample space for displaying electoral announcements. This billboard can be easily supported by poles and rectangular or square bases, which can be filled with sand or concrete to ensure stability. Alternatively, it can be buried using special sockets underground, offering an even more stable and secure solution. Crafted from robust and durable iron, the billboard ensures longevity and reliability during the electoral period and beyond. Its solid structure ensures that electoral posters are displayed clearly and securely, guaranteeing maximum visibility for political announcements. To receive a personalized quote for the 100x200h Billboard and other electoral equipment, we invite you to contact us today. Address your electoral poster needs with a robust and reliable solution.


  • Height: 200,0 cm
  • Length: 100,0 cm
  • Witdh: 3,0 cm

tech-image-Notice board cm 100x200h

Galvanized Steel

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