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Advertising box

Codice: 337

Advertising box

Box for setting up exhibition advertising spaces. Structure made with vertical uprights in galvanized square steel tubing and walls in PVC laminate. Text: Box intended for exhibition advertising spaces, suitable for setting up fairs, events, exhibitions as points of interest for advertising their products. Structure made with seven vertical uprights in galvanized square steel tubing complete with a plate, at the base, in galvanized sheet metal. Connection of the vertical uprights by crosspieces in galvanized square steel tubing. The front and rear crosspieces are provided with zinc-plated steel end caps. Side, rear walls, and frames consisting of a frame in galvanized angle steel, laminated in semi-expanded white PVC supported by galvanized angle steel. The cover is made of corrugated galvanized sheet supported by profiles in galvanized square steel tubing. The vertical uprights are equipped with plates with holes for anchoring to the ground using screws and expansion plugs. The box is supplied in assembly kits with stainless steel screws and assembly instructions. The base finish for this product is "traffic white" RAL 9016. However, the customer can request a different finish, choosing from the RAL colors available on our website. The painting technique adopted for the galvanized steel structure is thermosetting powders with oven baking. For all details, we invite you to download the detailed technical data sheet on the product. To enhance your advertising spaces with our premium-quality box, request a personalized quote today. Contact us for further information and to download the comprehensive technical datasheet


  • Height: 325,0 cm
  • Length: 610,0 cm
  • Witdh: 227,0 cm

tech-image-Advertising box

Galvanized Steel

Traffic white RAL 9016

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