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Pedal bin

Codice: 550

Pedal bin

The Pedal Bin is a versatile and practical option for waste management. Characterized by a sturdy structure made of high-density polyethylene, this bin is designed to withstand UV rays and the daily demands of waste collection. The hinged lid, with a rear tilting opening mechanism via a pedal, provides convenient and hygienic access to the container. Equipped with rear handles integrated into the molding process to facilitate transportation, this bin is mounted on sturdy solid rubber wheels assembled on an electrochemically zinc-coated steel axle. This design ensures easy maneuverability even on uneven or rough surfaces. The bin is available in green, seamlessly blending into various environments. However, we also offer customization options to meet specific branding or environmental adaptation needs. Simplify waste management with the Pedal Bin. Contact us today for a customized quote and discover how this efficient solution can improve your waste collection process. Request a Custom Quote Now!


  • Height: 93,0 cm
  • Length: 48,0 cm
  • Witdh: 55,0 cm

tech-image-Pedal bin

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