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Lamp holder fastening clamp

Codice: 103-pl

Lamp holder fastening clamp

Explore the Features of the Clamp Lamp Kit The Clamp Lamp Kit is designed to provide practical and efficient lighting in voting booths. Ideal for mounting on walls, this kit is perfect for the 100-a/b and 101-a/b models of aluminum voting booths. The lamp holder kit can accommodate a common incandescent or energy-saving lamp, as indicated in the technical data sheet (lamp supplied). Its sturdy clamp allows for easy attachment to the wall, ensuring a stable and secure installation. Add the necessary lighting to your voting booths with the Clamp Lamp Kit, for a bright and welcoming environment during voting operations. Contact us today to request a customized quote for the Clamp Lamp Kit and make sure you have everything you need for effective lighting in voting booths!


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