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Ciotolone flower box

Codice: C9030

Ciotolone flower box

Design and Details of the Circular Ciotolone Planter The Ciotolone planter offers a unique circular design, with a flared shape that makes it distinctive. Crafted with semi-fluid mix of Class S3, this planter features high-strength white cement, type 52.5R, enriched with grit and powder of Bianco Carrara marble for an elegant touch. High-Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Urban Decor The blend of cement and Bianco Carrara marble gives the Ciotolone planter exceptional durability and timeless beauty. Designed to withstand weather elements and daily wear, this planter is ideal for enhancing urban spaces with style and durability. Request a Quote for Your Ciotolone Planter For further details about the Ciotolone planter and to request a personalized quote, feel free to contact us. Make your choice an investment in quality and style for urban furniture. Contact us today for a customized quote for your Ciotolone planter!


  • Height: 52,0 cm
  • Length: 139,0 cm
  • Witdh: 139,0 cm

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Marble grit

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