Shelter Romagna code 263
Cantilever Tomagna bus waiting shelter

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Dimcar s.r.l.

Shelter Romagna code 263

Product description

Pensilina for waiting for metal buses, made of embossed, model Romagna. The structure consists of two vertical side uprights in steel section with a rounded corner, each single upright is complete with plate, base, galvanized sheet. Center vertical upright in rectangular steel tube complete with plate, base, galvanized sheet. Three top arches, two of which are decorative carvings, galvanized sheet metal. The arches are connected and made solid with each other, from steel round tubular currents and from rectangular galvanized steel casing. Both currents are also equipped with spherical end caps made of PVC. Right-hand module, front view, made of galvanized steel bottomed wall, embedded between the upright vertical uprights in order to avoid any external protrusion. Openable bookcase, for insertion of any promotional poster, in galvanized steel sections with keylock (unique encryption). Reading side made of transparent, unbreakable, UV-protected and particularly suitable for outdoor outdoor polycarbonate. Left module, front view, made up of galvanized steel box bottom wall, embedded between the vertical uprights of the shelter to prevent any external protrusion. Openable bookcase, in the upper half, for insertion of alerts or other communications by magnets, in galvanized steel profiles fitted with keylock (unique encryption). Reading side made of transparent, unbreakable, UV-protected and particularly suitable for outdoor outdoor polycarbonate. Lighting system 220 V. 50 Hz, in the interior, consisting of two ceiling lamps placed vertically on both short sides, with self-extinguishing white polycarbonate body, polished methacrylate (PMMA) diffuser and neon lamp with white light . Automatic switch-off system at the opening of the door, wiring with standard hollow-core and power supply cable with base output (floor level) for subsequent connection to public lighting. Matted polycarbonate cover with opaque thickness supported by profiles in galvanized steel rectangular tube. Bandella (removable) at the front of the cover, galvanized sheet to indicate the stop designation. Gutter, in the back, for collecting and discharging rainwater. Bench consisting of two anatomically shaped supports in zinc plated steel with decorative carving. Seat and back made of profiled windings in galvanized steel round tubes complete with spherical head PVC caps. The profiles are welded onto special galvanized steel shapes, which give it anatomical shape. The basic finish for the metal parts of this product consists of three colors, namely: "gray mouse" color RAL 7005, "blue traffic" color RAL 5017 for arches and top structure and "yellowish orange" color RAL 2000 per The bench. The customer may, however, require a different finish, chosen from the RAL colors available on our website. The painting technique used for the galvanized steel structure is made of thermosetting powders with baking. For all details, please download the detailed product details sheet.

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Dimensional parameter

Height 264 cm.
Width 312 cm.
Depth 177 cm.

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