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Dimcar urban design, manufacture and sale of items for public spaces.

Dimcar manufactures products for street furniture in iron, steel and wood. are specialized in the design and manufacture of street furniture in style Italian.

Our production line includes the sale of benches, litter bins, baskets, window boxes, bus shelters, bollards and many other elements of street furniture. The manufacture of iron and steel as raw material is performed by machines numerical control with human supervision, welding and assembly products are made exclusively by men. The company is officially supplier of street furniture for the Vatican City.

Quality controls on all elements of street furniture.

A strict quality control on our products is carried out on each item of street furniture designed to identify production problems of various kinds, so that we can deliver to the customer a product perfectly intact and free from imperfections. Our company ISO 9001:2008 certified on designing and manufacturing street furniture and installation of products this year has also certified ISO 3834-4:2006 en for welding products. Buy a product made in our company, means safety, comfort and durability.

Our service is available in major Italian cities, please contact us for street furniture in