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Bin Vega

Bin Vega

item code: 267

Vega is a new concept of urban design, integrating functionality and design. A sinuous shape in galvanized steel mounting characterizes the trash Vega, which was carved with decorative holes. A cover sheet branches off the basket, almost wanting to preserve the beauty. Two arms and a lower one at the top are specially shaped to support the basket, galvanized sheet steel. Sign of modernity in this article and even the body of the basket, where in addition to the color white aluminum was expected to enhance it with holes and decorative carving harmonized to the upright support. You could not complete the product by adding a base that would follow those who hitherto have been the guidelines for the creation of this artifact, because a plate ellipsoidal and decorative gussets were placed at the base of support. Just as the star of the night more brilliant constellation Lyra, Vega stands out as an urban design element in any outdoor environment it is placed.

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