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Bicycle Stands Ciclo Park

Bicycle Stands Ciclo Park

item code: 190

The imposing structure from cycle racks Park is enhanced with a metal cover and polycarbonate to repair bicycles from rain. The two vertical structures maxilla and give life to what precisely will be the platform, made ​​of galvanized steel round tube, which in turn made ​​of polycarbonate opaque type, will be supported by two horizontal currents rectangular tubular galvanized. Like any shelter Dimce even this has been designed and equipped with a gutter in the back and front, for the collection and discharge of stormwater. Not least is the structure that makes up the bike, two horizontal beams connecting galvanized steel round tube, form what is the first part of this artifact. The brackets stop-bike round tube galvanized steel, offer the possibility of parking on both sides for a total of fourteen bicycles. The stability of this impressive article of street furniture is given by the plates, placed at the base of each structure. The bike rack is in fact a cycle-Park excellent location for outdoor residential or offices such as railway stations, where the influx of commuters seems to be much higher than the historical centers.

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